Soft toys

Soft toys

CSP produces cuddly soft toys that all the family tend to fall in love with.

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Geronimo The Horse

‘Geronimo’ named after Kamilaroi Geronimo is a big boy!  He is one of the heaviest ho..

$ 12.00

Beige Labrador

This love able furry friend from the academy. He is a puppy in training and enjoys a cuddle or two a..

$ 12.00

Buff the Police Puppy

 Buff the Police Puppy has been welcomed to our police dog range.Buff wears the exclusive P..

$ 25.00

German Shepherd

Meet our German Shepherd.Our lovable friend serves in the Qld Police Service and has a..

$ 12.00

Junior Police Emu

Take home our Junior Police Emu and bring a smile to your kids face!Junior Police Emu has been ..

$ 12.00

Junior Police Kangaroo

Now your kids can enjoy  taking part in the Junior Police brigade with their very own Kangaroo...

$ 12.00

Dash the Police Puppy

Meet Dash the Police PuppyDash wears the exclusive Police raincoat and makes a cuddly child..

$ 25.00

Junior Police Police Teddy

Our gorgeous Qld Police Teddy is a cuddly soft toy with a hint of loyalty.Although we can't tech..

$ 15.00

Koala Cop

The CSP Koala Cop is on the lookout for anyone who is not keeping their bedroom tidy!He comes ar..

$ 20.00