Delivery Information

Community Supporting Police Inc (CSP) sells merchandise, memberships and "electronic download" (non-physical) products using the online store.

The delivery mechanism for product purchases will vary on the product selected.

  • Electronic Download products will be available in your account area within 30 minutes of payment.
  • Membership payments will be confirmed by the Treasurer and will appear as an accepted payment within your account within 30 minutes
  • Physical products (soft toys and other merchandise) usually take 24-48 hours to pack and ship to your destination once payment has been confirmed



Sometimes there are elements beyond our control that slow down our ability to send things to you immediately after purchase.

We don't want you to be delayed in receiving your items, so if you sense that the product you has purchased may be late or not included with your order (for multiple items), please contact us so that we can discuss it with you.



We want you to be excited about your product purchases, just as much as we are excited that your money goes to help support our police officers and their families in their time of need. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you sense that there is something wrong or missing, or if you feel a product is late arriving.



Community Supporting Police Inc (CSP) honor refunds where products or goods are faulty, but will generally prefer to resend a new item (without any further cost to you) to replace the faulty product.

Refunds due to late arrival by Australia Post (or the Courier service that is used) are not possible as this is considered a shipping issue, and we have no control over that. We expect Australia Post will provide the most efficient service to you, however please let us know if this products do not arrive as expected.

We do not offer refunds for products purchased when:

  • you no longer what the product that you already purchased
  • you have a change of heart
  • you consider it can be purchased cheaper elsewhere


If you feel unhappy about a product you have purchased, please contact us so that we can discuss it with you.