Constable T. Bear (2012 and 2014 ed)

$ 105.00
Product Code: 2014 and 2012 Collectors Edition - CTB I and II
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Get both Qld versions of Constable T Bear (2012 and 2014) at a special discounted price -- while stocks of both products last.

A reduction when purchasing the combination of CTB (2012 ed) for $45 and CTB (2014 ed) for $60 = $105, whilst stock of CTB (2012 ed) are still available.

  • Each Constable T Bear is individually numbered (between 1 and 2,000)
  • Each Constable T Bear has his own collectors edition box
  • Bears will be shipped as a single consignment
  • Discounted price for the combined bears is only available while Constable T Bear (2012 ed) remains available
  • Save $10 on combined cost of bears, plus a reduced shipping amount, compared to purchasing separately


The photos represent the 2012 and 2014 editions of the Queensland Constable T. Bear.

The 2014 collectable bear is wearing the current Queensland Police Service uniform as well as the load bearing vest - which is detractable from the bear himself.  

They both weigh in at a modest 0.55kg and comes in a collectable box featuring Queensland Police Service emblems and photographs depicting the diverse range of policing across Queensland.

They are highly sought after by collectors around the world and will make a beautiful present for your loved ones or as a collectors edition.


For Collectors: Constable T. Bear (2014 ed) and Constable T Bear (2012 ed) are all individually numbered and come with verification of authenticity.  Only 2,000 Constable T. Bears were produced in this edition and only limited stock remains.

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